2020 Blog Posts - The Machine Photography

Uncertain Times


A few weeks ago, the world experienced the outbreak of a new Coronavirus. Unprecedented steps have been taken to slow its spread, including stay-at-home orders in most of the United States. Retail businesses have been shuttered to prevent large numbers of people from gathering. Clearly, this is having serious short-term effects on the retail industry. It will be interesting to see the long-term effects when this event is over. When I photograph retail businesses, I purposely avoid the inclusion of people. Today, that would be far easier to do.

Evolution of an American Icon

Exclusive Detail


The Corvette debuted in 1953, and has been a front-engine American sports car icon ever since. Chevrolet decided that it had reached the limits of performance with that configuration, and for the 2020 model year, moved the engine behind the driver. This photo contrasts the C7 and C8 designs – showcasing similar styling cues and differences in proportions. It will be interesting to see how the new mid-engine configuration elevates the perception of the Corvette on the world automotive stage.

Natural Serenity


It's always a joy to travel to a remote location at an off-peak time to take in all that it has to offer. In this case it was an isolated waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The hike was short, but the payoff was big. It's not often that such a long series of cascades is visible from a single vantage point. I spent about an hour at the falls, taking a variety of shots and simply enjoying the solitude.

Dream Come True

Lamborghini Huracan EVO in Gaillo Inti yellow with full body paint protection film wrap and ceramic coating by Exclusive Paint Protection in Charlotte, NC.


When I was a kid, I had posters of the Lamborghini Countach on my bedroom wall. It was my dream car. It took some 40 years, but I recently had the opportunity to spend an hour photographing the new Lamborghini Huracan EVO – and creating modern posters for other kids to dream.

The Polite Supercar Company



Founded in London in 1913, Aston Martin is a storied British automotive company that has built some of the most iconic cars in history. Last week, I finally had the opportunity to photograph one. The new DB11 was worth the wait. From the exterior to the interior, from how it looked to how it sounded, the car exuded a perfect blend of sophistication and power. My challenge was to effectively showcase its sublime form.        

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