Changing Skyline



Having lived in the Charlotte, N.C. area for the past 11 years, I've seen a great deal of growth and change, particularly relative to the uptown skyline. It remains to be seen what the Covid-19 pandemic will ultimately mean to office workspaces, but Charlotte has more than its fair share of new ones. New additions in this early-morning architectural shot include the Bank of America tower and Honeywell headquarters.

Quintessential Photo

Untitled photo


Sometimes, there is a single shot that is so well known that it has to be captured. In this case, it was the photo of Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss. I spent nine days traveling the entire country of Iceland. It was every bit as spectacular as I imagined it would be – epic landscapes at every turn. One of my final stops was here, to set up and take this photo. Fortunately, there were very few people around, and I was able to add my own copy to my portfolio. Yes, it's a common shot, but this one is mine.

The Beauty of the Natural World

Untitled photo


I've visited nearly 50 waterfalls in North and South Carolina over the past few years. Each is unique and presents different challenges when photographing. Sometimes it's the difficulty of finding the falls after miles of hiking, while others it's the danger they present when trying to capture the best angle. One thing remains the same: I never cease to be amazed at their majestic beauty. I only hope my images do them justice for those who will never see them in person.

Excitement on Two Wheels



I've photographed cars for years, but this Suzuki GSX-R 100R represents the first opportunity I've had to do so with a motorcycle. Go big or go home, right? Rather than use ambient light, I brought strobe lighting to transform the loading dock into a studio. The front side of the bike is lit with an octobox and the back side is lit by a bare strobe, resting on the ground. The end result was to try and create a sense of drama worthy of the bike's aggressive appearance.

Ensuring Facilities Look their Best

Willow Oaks BP


We see and stop at places like this BP gas station all the time. Seldom do we notice what they look like. As a photographer, one of the challenges I have is figuring out how to make any facility look the best it possibly can. That process typically entails scouting the  location ahead of time, checking the times and directions for sunrise and sunset and determining the best angle and time of day to take the shots. A little help from mother nature, like a beautiful sunrise never hurts.

Socially Distanced Automotive Art



The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to change many things we took for granted. A year ago, people didn't know the phrase, "socially distant." Today, it's the norm. Since automotive photography typically  involves only one person and a vehicle, that hasn't changed much. I look forward to a time when we can return to car shows and personal interaction. Until then, I'll keep the cars, like this BMW M4 GTS,  in isolation.

Winter Solitude

Untitled photo


I love hiking. It represents a chance to get away from the complexities of life and connect with nature. To this point I've always done it in the spring, summer or fall. This trip to Carver's Gap was the first such hike in the winter. And it was absolutely worth it. Although the temperature was 28 degrees and the wind was gusting at  35 miles per hour, the setting was beautiful, serene and well worth the journey.

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