Autumn from a New Pespective



Sometimes there's a type of image that a photographer has in his or her head that takes many attempts to actually bring to life. This is one of those shots. It's complicated to execute – as it requires a good deal of research and planning, including: time of day, light direction, time of year, physical location and geographical features. I wanted an autumn setting that also included a road – taken from an aerial perspective. The bonus at this location is the mountain stream and waterfall. Everything came together about as well as I could have hoped.

Cultural Heritage through Art

Untitled photo


The gentleman in this portrait had his left arm tattooed to showcase his Moroccan heritage. Collectively, the tattoos express aspects of Moroccan history and culture. It was my job to capture a portrait that showcased the person, along with the body art. The black shirt and background, illuminated by a single studio light created the necessary dramatic quality to the final image.

Showcasing New Business

Rooms to Go Concord Mills


As is the case with any type of photography, time of day and lighting are crucial to ensuring the subject looks good. For this new Rooms to Go facility, we chose pre-dawn for three reasons: 1) to avoid interrupting business, 2) to showcase some of the building interior, and 3) to ensure a colorful sky. 

Diversified Energy Sources

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07.01.22 – Much of my photography is in the energy sector. I worked in that industry for most of my career, so it holds a special interest for me. I'm familiar with every power source: nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydro, wind and solar – enough to know that our world's energy needs rely on a diversified mix of generation. It's great to see, and be a part of, a focus on green energy sources – for today and tomorrow.

The Right Location

Untitled photo


Often in photography, I don't have the benefit of shooting my subject in the desired location at the ideal time of day. In the case of this Lamborghini Huracan STO, I only had access to the car for a few minutes in a parking lot. I took a series of low-angle shots at sunrise and then set to work in Photoshop to outline the car and place it into a shot I had taken of an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Ensuring angles match and lighting conditions are equivalent ensures that the car looks like it was actually in the scene. The additional shadows help complete the photo composite – creating a dramatic, compelling final image.

Sunrise on a Mountaintop



Although getting up at 3:00 a.m. to make the long drive and hike to the top of Hawksbill Mountain isn't fun, it's always worth it. Nothing compares to watching the sun rise from atop a mountain peak while looking down on the valley below.

A Refurbished Gem

GEM Theatre


Opened in 1936, the GEM Theatre in Kannapolis featured one screen and seated 1,200 people. Constructed in the Art Deco style, it was refurbished in 2021 at a cost of $1.1 million and added to the National Register of Historic Places. Although I really wanted a shot of the illuminated neon marquee, it's only on at night. In order to capture a shot without cars or people, I opted for early morning. This allowed the image to showcase the refurbished facade. One day, I plan to attend a movie to see if the interior design looks as good as the exterior.

Desolate Landscape



One of the best things about my home state of North Carolina is that it offers mountains on the western side of the state and beaches on the eastern. While most folks tend to gravitate toward spending time in the developed areas of commercialized beaches, I much prefer the ones that are a little more remote. From a photography perspective, they offer many more options. I particularly love when I find a driftwood beach. There's just something about the ocean, sky and those beautiful dead trees.

Automotive Lineage

Untitled photo


Bentley Motors Limited is a storied British automotive manufacturer. It began in 1919 in North London, was acquired by Rolls Royce in 1931, and has been a part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998. The cars, including this one, are produced in Crewe, England. The one shown is the Continental GT3R, a production car based on Bentley's GT3 racing car. This particular example was painted in matte silver, then wrapped in satin paint protection film to create the spectacular finish.

Psychedelic Studio Shots

Untitled photo

Product shots seem simple. Set a can up on a white background in a studio, point a light or two at it and shoot. In reality, they're quite a bit more complex. For this can of Monster Energy Drink, I started with a near flawlessly printed can. I set it on a white infinity tabletop background and lit it with an off-camera strobe. I then placed the can in the  freezer for an hour. Upon removal, I placed it back into the set, and allowed it to sit for about 15 minutes. The key ingredient was humidity, which allowed the condensation to form. I then took a series of shots over the span of about 15 minutes. After selecting the best one, the Photoshop work began to outline the can, create the background and merge the two. Not quite as simple as at first glance.

Retro-styled Classic



I photograph cars far more frequently than motorcycles, but the same principles apply. The goal is to showcase the lines of the vehicle, its design characteristics, styling and heritage. Storied motorcycle brand, Indian, has existed in various forms since 1901. The Indian Chief Bobber faithfully blends vintage styling into a thoroughly modern motorcycle design.

Winter Solitude



The Charlotte area seldom receives any snow, so I have to sometimes seek it out. Doing so typically involves a treacherous drive to the mountains – in this case Roan. There's something incredibly peaceful atop a mountain in the snow, even when the wind is gusting over 30 miles per hour. While that makes taking photos difficult, it's always worth it.

Aerial Architecture

Honeywell Corporate Office


Sometimes, the only way to get a good shot of a building, particularly one in an urban area, is from the air. As an FAA-licensed drone pilot, I've handled some recent aerial projects for commercial architecture. At a glance, the shots seem pretty straightforward, but in actuality, they are quite complex. Research must be done regarding the best time of day for lighting, as well as activities going on in the city. In addition, permission must be granted by the FAA to fly in controlled airspace, and the flight must be safely conducted near buildings and over roads. When everything comes together, drones can be used to create some pretty compelling images.     

The Electric Revolution



Not many people would call Tesla "the little car company that could," but they have consistently proved the doubters wrong. Think what you want about Elon Musk, but Tesla has proven to established automakers the world that electric vehicles are the future of the industry. They have the first-mover advantage, and owners love their products, but they will need to continue to innovate to lead in the EV space. I recently had the opportunity to photograph this Model S Plaid, which currently holds the title of "quickest car in the world." Impressive, by any standard.

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